Citizens- Interior/Exterior Inspection Request

I received a request from an agent for an Interior and Exterior Inspection for a new policy.

The deal is a sink hole claim was filed on this property in the past. It was determined to not be a sink hole and the claim was closed.

I ask the agent if Citizens had a form for this type of inspection?
She says no, they just need interior and exterior inspected for any current damage.

I viewed and photographed the following items for the inspection.

Lot and Grounds:
Driveway, Sidewalks, Porch, Pool deck ,

Exterior Surfaces:
All exterior walls and patio ceilings

Floors, walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings in each room
floors ( taking floor coverings in to account )
Open and close all doors
Open and close all windows

One photo of each room, one of each side of exterior, one of driveway etc. (plus a photo of each crack)

Is this overkill for what they are asking for ?
Does anyone get request for these from Ins Companies ?
Is there a form out there that other inspectors use specifically for Insurance companies ?
If not I will use my Palm-Tech software and shorten report to these areas only.

Sounds like it may have been over kill for what an insurance company may want. You did cover yourself though. I think you did the right thing. I have never done one nor know of any form for such.

Let us know if you get any feedback from the company

Thanks John…let ya all know.

I have never heard of it, but it does make since with a sink hole on the clue report.

I had a client call the other day for a four point on a commercial property (that was also a first).

Yea, I did a four point on a home 16 years old for Farmers. My guess they really just wanted to know roof was less than 15

I did a four point on a 30 year old condo and they cancelled the insurance because the plumbing had not been updated. Go figure

I have ask several agents if there is any written guidance available about updates.
Nobody knows. I have been commenting on anything that is on permits or property card that has dates. Also obvious things like new fixture shutoffs and flex supplylines.
Asking homeowner for approx. date
UPDATED PLUMBING?/YEAR? - YES - 2008 per homeowner
If it isn’t what they are looking for as upgrade I guess they will ignore it.

Was the water heater old and indoors where it could flood the condo rather than being in a garage or other non damage area. Just taking a wild guess .

Good luck getting any clear standards from insurance carriers as they don’t have any really and seem to change them frequently.

I do four points on professional building, Dr. offices and such. Most times if they need a roof verification I can do that also(A licensed builder or roof). I think that insurance co. are starting to require them more.

Decided to reformat 4 point form for inspection. Using palm-tech report would require redoing too many disclaimers etc. I also wanted to make sure the homeowner could not misconstrue report as being performed for them which then gets into SOPS and that possible call from homeowner…( you said i didn’t have a sink hole ).

Report states " this inspection is being done for your insurance co. on your behalf"
and " has been requested by your insurance co."

report would not upload with photos - here is written portion

Looks good. I wish my software would print like that, I use PDFs.

I got a call for a four point with extra pics, they had a sink hole claim that is closed. I do it next week

The form is the original 4 point from this site in Word format. I added header for address, type address on page 1 and all other pages fill in auto. Footer does not change from inspection to the next. Moved components so there is only 1 per page. It keeps stuff from jumping to next page if you type extra lines.
I am currently using Open Office, pefer Microsoft Office but haven’t got it in netbook yet. Use PDFredirect (freeware) to convert to PDF for mailing and storing.
Acrobat would be great to save template and just fill in form each time for 4 points etc, but it’s not in the budget to buy.
Maybe, you should provide separate report for interior exterior condition.