Citizens Roof Cert Pricing?

Can anyone help me determine how much to charge for the one page RCF? I am in Brevard county and just got offered to do all of an agents back logged roof certs. Those of you that are doing them… what is the going rate? My first thought was that it would be like any other inspection (price determined by the size and age), but knowing Citizens… is there a flat rate?
David Linehan #HI5630
Merritt Island, FL

As much as your market will allow :slight_smile:

Check you NACHI message inbox, contact me if I can be of any additional help.
Best of luck & stay safe.

Thank you Jerry! You confirmed the pricing I had in my head. It helps to know so as not to low ball it and hurt us all in the long run! Thanks again.

Your very welcome David, always glad to help.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any kind of help. or 786-355-1640.
Stay safe my friend.