Citizens Roof Certification

Has anyone done one of these on a mobile home?

yes, i have done a bunch. i know john s has done alot too

Yes, I just did one last week.

Yep, several. Citizens seems to want some sort of an inspection done on just about every home they insure now.:roll:

Personally, two yesterday alone. Call me if I can help

Greg-----Do them all the time, I think there is another post on here about them if I am not mistake, someone asked about the metal roof coverings and what to look for-----I’ll see if I can muster it up when I get a min, call me if you need too.

Yes i have also done quite a few. They are great.

Can any inspector use the Citizen roof certificate form to inspect a roof on a house, and what is the main purpose of the certificate roof form for? I have many thing to learn still as new a home inspector

The form is used to document the condition of a roof

Does Roof underlayment or bitumen are consider SWR?

:shock:WOW :shock:

My thoughts exactly.

The new me just bit my lip :slight_smile:

Your a good boy Mikie !

i am trying :slight_smile:

Hey guys i don’t need you sarcastic answers

I am terribly sorry for my bad attitude :frowning:

I will admit your posts give me a lot to think about.

It keeps me sharp :slight_smile:

I only expect you to show some respect to other inspector if they have any question in doubt, because I do show respect to others, that don’t make you sharp, because if you consider yourself a professional and when someone have any question all i need is some advise

There is much good info around here. good luck.

I hope this helps you