CITIZENS roof condition form

**Do you have an editable form that I can use?? If so can you please send it to me: **

Get pdfflil and I’ll send you mine. I think it is only 19.99 you can then do anything to any pdf.

I sent what I use over but not sure the whole file allowing it to be fillable will transfer. Good luck. I registered with citizens to have the forms for 4 pt and roof certifications acceptable in advance of their recieving them, I’m not sure that is a necessary step but maybe someone else has info on that.

I use FoxitReader to edit PDF’s and I love it. It is free software available at:

They also have FoxitEditor which allows you to add blank pages for adding pictures. They give a six month free trial, after that it cost $99.00.

Foxit Phantom is what I use - It is the full blown version that is equivalent to Adobe…It runs around $100

pdf converter pro 7, picked it up for $50.00 allows me to add my signature and initials and also it predicts what you are typing, so you can fill in repititous info in a heart beat. Makes filling out the 1802 a breeze

While is it easier to fill in a form with adobe, you can also do it with PDF Xchange. Free program and you can use the typewriter mode to type information into the text fields. It saves the information to the pdf file. One thing I have not checked is that you may have to make sure you set your printer (physical or vitual) to print annotations to get them to show up in the final page.

Merry Christmas to all :smiley:

John thank you very much.

You are welcome

Hello John,
One thing I noticed is that it will not allow me to save or sent (email). Why?

Anything I can do to be able to send as an attachment to the Client???
I’m I missing something??

It would be great if this forum had a few “stickies” at the top where the forms could be permanently stored… Just sayin’

What program r u using?

John, thanks for the fillable pdf.

Well as long as we are talking about it…the 1 thing I noticed is there is no box for the inspectors signature. A box would allow signature to be pasted in. How do you sign it without printing it out first?

To email forms or reports I print to PDF using " PDF ReDirect " it is saved to my desk top. Then attach to email.

**Got it working!! But the signature block does not work…Can you fix it?? Thank you so much John!! **


That form is designed to be used with a tablet and a stylus. I am not sure what you mean by does not work. Do you want an electronic signature? Do you print and then sign?

John. everything works fine. Except that the signature block will not accep a digital signature (pasted). What I have been doing in the past is that once the form is completed I will scan it and send it to my clients. Is there anything that you can do with the signature block to accept a pasted signature?? Once again thank you for you great efforst and contributions to all InterNACHI folks!