City government in Ohio seeking NACHI members to enforce code program.

Attention: NACHI Residential Inspection Firms

Request for Proposals

The City of Centerville, Ohio, seeks proposals from qualified residential inspection firms interested in providing professional inspection services necessary for the enforcement of the Centerville Property Maintenance Code through the Residential Rental Inspection Program. Proposals must be submitted no later than October 10, 2006. NACHI members can visit to obtain a full description of the program and proposal requirements. Please contact Jennifer Wilder at 937-433-7151 with questions.

Great opportunity…but …this is very much like whats happening in some areas of Canada - a shift of liabilty onto the lowly home inspector, and off the backs of the local government and taxpayers.

But certainly this is an opportunity for those willing to take that chance!

Additionally, is there a local non-compete or operation of your home inspection business clause within that area. This is often a condition required in some contracts that I have reviewed.