City of Chicago vs. Electricians Union.

Watch this video about the Navy Pier (which is owned by the City) winter festival. It is very interesting on many levels.,0,4664680.story

Please note that:

a) The Union electricians call themselves “certified” as opposed to licensed (which, in Chicago, is a city, not a state, license.
b) That the city inspectors say that the work being in code compliance is the same thing as the work being safe, but not really. They only claim that the work is “compiant” while the electricians say it is unsafe.
c) That the city is throwing the electrician’s union under the bus, opting for the less expensive Stagehands Union.
d) Permits pulled and work done, and supposedly inspected by the city, but, later, the supervising electrician (a union guy) notes lack of safety and the city pulls the permit, then re-issues. Kinda says that the city inspectors messed up (even though most of them are union guys).
e) I wonder what will happen if someone gets hurt. The City will never take liability, nor to they have to being protected by a municipal exception.

Interesting comparision of safe, wuality work vs. mere local code compliance.

Also, remember, under home rule provisions, Chicago can set its own building codes, superceding the state and NEC.

Also, around here, the IBEW union is in bed with the NECA contractors, and the IBEW / NECA runs the union schools.