City of Gainesville, FL looking for an inspector, full time

The City of Gainesville wants you to know about an opportunity to provide a submittal on one of
our projects:

RFP Identifier: RFP# DOSD-210019-GD

RFP Name: Rental Housing and Energy Efficiency Inspections

To view the solicitation, go to

There is no cost for you to use DemandStar to view and submit proposals. You will need to
register with DemandStar and indicate that you wish to view solicitations from the City of
Gainesville, Florida.

The City of Gainesville has absorbed the cost for vendors and agencies to access and respond
to solicitations posted on DemandStar.

Gayle Dykeman, Procurement Specialist 3
City of Gainesville, FL

Check your link…

That’s what they sent me. Maybe use the email address.


Thanks Dom.