City of Kalamazoo looking for inspectors to fill full-time positions.

The City of Kalamazoo invites applications for the position of Building Inspector/Plan Review Technician. The salary is $21.18 - $25.35 hourly.

Job Description/Distinguishing Features: Performs skilled inspection work and plan review in enforcing compliance with local, State, and Federal codes and ordinances pertaining to building construction, alteration and repair; performs related work as required. Coordinates plan review with the electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspectors and provides a written plan review document.

The employee in this class inspects construction, alterations, and repairs to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, and enforces compliance with code to ensure buildings meet life safety requirements. Although new and difficult situations are referred to the Building Official, the employee in this class must regularly exercise technical judgment and discretion based on his or her familiarity with a wide variety of construction based codes and ordinances.

Examples of Duties:
Reviews plans for Building Code compliance;
Checks proposed projects for any special permit needs (soil erosion, flood plain, State barrier free variance);
Coordinates review with zoning and other trade inspectors;
Issues building, grading, soil erosion, and swimming pool permits;
Makes regular field inspections to verify that permitted work is in compliance with plans and code requirements;
Examines and approves specific materials for conformity to code standards;
Researches code development history as necessary to evaluate code conformity of existing buildings;
Performs special inspections of existing property;
Stops work on projects when code violations are found through inspections or when non-permitted work is discovered;
Issues legal notices as necessary to enforce code conformity;
Issues occupancy certificates; responds to complaints related to ordinances enforced;
Answers technical questions for project developers, professional designers, and the general public;
Makes code interpretations as authorized by the Building Official.

Essential Qualifications:
Considerable knowledge of Building Code and related ordinances, including fire suppression system standards, flood plain, swimming pool, and soil erosion;
Thorough knowledge of building materials and building construction practices; ability to read and interpret site and building plans and specifications;
Considerable knowledge of other City building regulations covering electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work;
Good knowledge of the City Housing Code, Zoning Ordinances, and the Historic District Ordinance;
Ability to communicate orally and in writing and work with the general public and people in the construction field;
Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to maintain effective working relationships with building owners and contractors;
Ability to carry and use a handheld computer and camera and document deficiencies while performing inspections;
Ability to walk through, as well as climb up and down, and stoop and crawl in construction sites;
Ability to move up to 60 pounds;
Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the State of Michigan; registration with the State of Michigan as a Plan Review and Building Inspector, or having the minimum credentials for provisional registration;
Registration under Act No. 54 of the Public Acts of 1986, being 338.2305 of the Michigan complied laws, including rules for continuing education, adopted June 27, 1991, and effective on September 18, 1991;
Preferably possession of an appropriate contractor’s license(s) issued by the State of Michigan;
Stand by work may be required.

Acceptable Training and Experience:
Extensive experience in building construction work;
High School diploma or GED supplemented by vocational or college level coursework in building construction;
Or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the essential knowledge and skills.

Applications may be filed online at: (click on “Job Opportunities”)

The City of Kalamazoo invites applications for the position of Housing Inspector II. The salary is $20.34 - $24.20 hourly.

Job Description/Distinguishing Features:
Performs highly technical field work and associated office work in securing compliance with ordinances and regulations governing the prevention and spread of blight in existing housing, as well as compliance with the Rental Registration and Certification Program throughout the community; does related work as required.

The work involves responsibility for performing both independent field and office work in order to secure compliance with legally established city ordinances (e.g., Chapter 17, Housing; Chapter 22-3, Nuisances; Chapter 15A Garbage & Trash; and/or International Property Maintenance Code). The Housing Inspector II is responsible for obtaining voluntary compliance with such standards where possible and, when necessary, through legal enforcement. The work requires knowledge of acceptable housing conditions controlled largely by ordinance provisions and standard construction and maintenance practices, as well as an understanding of programs for the improvement of existing deteriorated dwellings. It also requires substantial knowledge of general enforcement processes, which includes litigation. The individual must exercise independent judgment and discretion.

Examples of Duties:
Inspects existing housing for conformance with ordinances and codes;
Prepares detailed violation notices for property owners outlining necessary property improvements;
Manages case load of numerous rental property cases;
Issues regular and ongoing enforcement where property is not in conformance;
Issues legal postings of violations of the City code and appears in court as expert witness;
Makes sketches of floor plans showing suggested ways of achieving improvements, and provides information regarding where and how to obtain technical assistance;
Investigates complaints and takes appropriate action;
Makes inspections of work in progress to ensure conformance with specifications, materials, and codes;
Refers issues to other code administration staff when necessary;
Keeps detailed records and makes reports of inspections;
Works with neighborhood groups; and attends special courses to keep abreast of new methods and techniques.

Essential Qualifications:
General knowledge of methods and practices used in housing construction and repair;
Knowledge of building methods and materials;
Thorough knowledge of housing codes and their application for purposes of evaluation of buildings and their conditions;
General knowledge of use and maintenance of residential electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems;
Substantial knowledge of ordinance enforcement practices;
Skill in dealing tactfully with property owners and ability to secure their cooperation;
Keenness of perception;
Good memory;
Ability to walk through, as well as climb up and down, and stoop and crawl in construction sites;
Ability to move up to 60 pounds;
Ability to lift, carry, use and hold handheld computer and digital camera used for field inspections.

Acceptable Training and Experience:
A minimum of one year building inspection, housing inspection, code compliance or related field inspection and/or enforcement experience;
High school diploma, GED and/or vocational/technical training;
Associates degree or higher in related field a plus;
Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license;
Computer skills including experience with Outlook, Word, Excel;
Preferably possession of an appropriate contractor’s license(s) issued by the State of Michigan;
ICC Certification (IPMC) preferred at hire, mandatory within six-months of hire;
Or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Applications may be filed online at: (click on “Job Opportunities”)

Position Emp. Type
Building Inspector/Plan Review Technicia…

Full-time $21.18 - $25.35 Hourly

Closing Date
06/15/12 Tomorrow

It sure beats the $7.00-9.00 a hour building inspector job the city of Jefferson had here in Missouri. I think I would go work for Walmart instead, because I bet they have better benefits. Now does everybody understand why I hate inspecting new construction in Jefferson City? Sad but true.