City of Tampa, Florida Common Defects

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Electrical Inspection Violations

Pool lights improperly bonded or covered prior to inspection. NEC Article 680-22 (a) 2 and City Of Tampa Chapter 5-182 (q) requires pool light fixtures and forming shells be bonded. Chapter 5-182 (h)(1) states that work shall not be covered prior to inspection.

Pools improperly bonded to number 8 copper bonding loop. NEC Article 680-22 (a) 2 and COT Chapter 5-182 (q) require pool light fixtures and forming shells to be bonded.

Grounding conductors improperly installed to grounding electrodes and metallic water pipe. City Of Tampa Chapter 5-182 (g) states that an unbroken #4 copper wire shall connect ground rods and bond water system in a continuous unbroken run from meter base to rods to water.

Service bonding screws missing or improperly installed in panels. NEC Article 250-79 states that a green screw shall be used and visible.

Improper working clearances around equipment and panels. NEC Article 110-16 (a) states that equipment likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing or maintenance while energized shall have the proper clearance.

Circuits not identified in panels on panel schedule. NEC Article 110-22 requires any branch circuit or disconnect to be marked to indicate its purpose.

Cooking units (stove, oven) and dryer required to have insulated neutral but, bare wire is being used instead. NEC Article 250-60 (c) states that the neutral conductor to the range or dryer shall be insulated unless originating from a main service panel.

Metal boxes improperly bonded to box clamps instead of individual bonding screws. NEC Article 250-114 (a) requires listed grounding screw or device be used for no other purpose.

NMC cable (romex) not protected with standoffs from furring strip. NEC Article 300-4 (d) requires cables and raceways be maintained 1 1-4 inch from framing member where nails will not penetrate them.

Sub panel neutral not isolated from panel box (floated). NEC Article 250-61 (b) states that the neutral conductor can not be used for grounding non-current carrying parts of equipment on the load side of the service disconnecting means.

Insufficient number of receptacles on kitchen counter tops, peninsulas and islands. NEC Article 210-52 (c) requires number and spacing of receptacle outlets on kitchen counter tops, peninsulas and islands.

Receptacles improperly spaced in residences. NEC Article 210-52 requires proper spacing of receptacle outlets.

Lightning arrestors either not installed or improperly installed. City Of Tampa Chapter 5-182 (d) requires lightning arrestors to be installed on all service entrances. TECO requires them to be installed on the meter socket on the load side.

Improper size breakers being used on A/C condenser units not fused per name plate. NEC Article 440-6 (a) requires that the rated overcurrent device stated on the nameplate of the equipment shall be used.

Nail plates missing where needed to protect against physical damage of NM cables and other raceways. NEC Article 300-4 (b) 2 requires nail plates where nails are likely to penetrate wiring.

Open wire connections or improper connections of wires. NEC Article 300-15 (a) requires a box or fitting to be installed at each conductor splice point.

Improper or no connections of bonding wires to boxes or equipment. NEC Article 250-114 (a) requires that the bonding conductor be connected to the equipment or box by a grounding screw that shall be used for no other purpose.

Ground fault protection missing in bathrooms, garages, kitchens and outside receptacles. NEC Article 210-8 stipulates where GFCI outlets are to be installed.

Other trades supporting their materials and equipment off electrical equipment and supports. NEC Article 300-11 (b) states raceways shall not be used as a means of support for other cables or raceways.

Improper type of boxes being used to support ceiling fans. NEC Article 370-27 (c) states that outlet boxes shall not be used as a sole support of a ceiling fan unless a U.L. approved fan box is used.

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

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This must be an old article. Florida is now on the NEC, unaltered, as part of the Florida Unified Building Code. All local ordinances are now void.

I know when I did my pool that forming shell bonding was verified on the pool steel "304" inspection, later they look at deck steel and ladder cup bonding on the deck "304". You need these before you start the concrete or be prepared to chip.