City seeks to hire NACHI inspector w/plumbers license for year long contract.

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Per our conversation of this afternoon. Here are some excerpts from a letter that will be going out to residents in October/November - this should recap what we discussed .

Again, the person hired by the Village to act as the inspector must be an IL licensed plumber. The person will not have to process the permit. Just perform the inspection and any paper work the Village Building Department requires.

"Residents who have rear yard sewer connections and who now have a sanitary sewer clean out in their front yard will be required to abandon their rear yard connection and connect to the new sewer. The cost of this action will be bore by the Village**.** The contract to perform the service will be between the resident and the contractor performing the work.
§ Starting on February XX, 2007 the Village will begin accepting estimates for review.
§ Notice of Commencement will be issued after March XX, 2007.
§ The work must be completed within 60 days of issuance of the Notice of Commencement or by July 13, 2007.
§ All estimates must be submitted by May 25, 2007.
§ Homeowners are encouraged to seek estimates and begin the work by March/April of 2007.
§ Landscape restoration will be done by the Village’s landscaping contractor. This will occur mid-September to mid-October.

  1.    Once the Notice of Commencement is received, please follow the instruction on the notice (a copy is enclosed for your reference).  Your first step should be to contact the Bureau of Inspectional Services (BIS) and obtain a plumbing permit.  As part of the program, permit fees will be waived.  **You will receive a letter from BIS enclosed with the Notice of Commencement explaining the permit process.** 
  2.    After the permit is issued, have the work completed. 
  3.    Have the work inspected by BIS per their procedure. 
  4.    Upon verification of the final inspection by BIS, a two party check, payable to the home owner and the contractor will be processed.  This generally requires 2-3 weeks." 

Nick, BIS will process permit - once permit is issued the homeowner/contractor will contact the inspector. The contracted firm will perform the actual inspection and inform BIS of the results. The selected firm may have some paperwork to fill out for BIS - but the details can be discussed at a pre-proposal meeting.

If members qualify they may contact me. Only licensed plumbers! No exceptions.


Ray Schwab
Civil Engineer
Village of Lombard
Department of Public Works *