Claiming $10,000

I ruled based on what Ray did. No one influenced me. No one.

And what did Ray Do?

Don’t even start the crap up again!

I agree.


Did it arrive damaged? What’s the cost to replace it. My award was Lexan.

I believe that the entire ESOP committee was Strongly influenced … by Ray… and by Ray alone.

Can I have $5 for everytime someone kicks Nick.

Hey Hagarty did you watch the debate tonight?:mrgreen:


Joe is Favre coming back. My son is wondering

Paul Hinsperger writes:

Yes you are silly as me for thinking that when you wrote EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD:


[size=2]that you “meant” exacty that, word for word. Or did I take your quote out of context? :wink: [/size]

Joe who ia mayor of your city?

Paul Hinsperger writes:

I didn’t know about their “run-ins” with ESOP but I agree with you Paul, these are names I associate with words like “Integrity, Professional, Helpful, Loyalty, and ETHICS.”

Thank you for sticking up for them.

But he can not remember…

Why he voted…

How he voted…

or Who he voted for/against…

Gary is a Fine Representative of the ESOP Committee…:smiley:

Joe fly into Orlando, i will buy lunch and 2 bottom shelf beers and we will talk.

For once, Hagarty speaks truth.

Mark this day on your calendar.:smiley:

I am blushing

So much love going around!

First Paul Hinsperger writes:

Then Joe Hagarty writes:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


While I generally do not visit the Orlando area, I do find myself in Broward County, FL on a somewhat regular basis.

I may be visting the area again within the next 6 months. I will look you up and contact you when I am in the area. :smiley: