I have recently had a rash of claims. I was looking for some advice on how to handle a couple of these so called claims. I use the satisfactory (S), fair (F), poor § and not inspected (NI) rating system.

  1. Had a driveway that I called out for cracking and settlement. Noted in the report as fair and that if continued settling was to occur then repair/replacement of the damaged/settling areas would need to be corrected.
    The buyer filed a claim that a section of the driveway was missed, right at the curb. Now they want me to repair the driveway, or pay for it.
  2. Found cracked windows in the kitchen, and master bedroom. In the report I noted the kitchen window crack and made note that only a representative number of windows are inspected and that conditions may be present at other windows. I did recommend that the cracked windows be repaired.
    The buyers want me to replace the cracked window in the master bedroom since I didn’t call it out in my report. I just mentioned the kitchen window.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Try actually inspecting the house rather than this “representative number” BS. Charge more for your inspection if you need to and be sure to leave happy clients in your wake.

Seems this MO is all too common in Indiana.

The price of the “Stop” sign in your article is $29.95. In the outlet store it’s $39.95. Just an FYI.

Chad, besides Chuck’s advice, does your inspection agreement
contain & state your representative number stuff?

It may simply be the way you write.

Yeah, the new ones have a reversible display. The front is in English and the back is in Spanish. You can flip it depending on your client.