Clare Furnace age?

Can someone look-up this model in one of those manuals please? Most units can be determined in their serial#…but I don’t think this is one of them. HELP! A.S.A.P. Clare (Canadian Made)
Model # H.E.H.B.-80
Serial # 62572
The owner says its only 4 years old…my gut telling me about 10-15?
It’s 80,000 BTU’s and appears to be a **high **efficient model.

Thanks, Darrell

Did you notice a date code on the lable, 5/01 , hard to find info on Clare, old info was destroyed, look in phone book for dealer and maybe one of the tech’s will be able to help?

Sorry, I did’nt notice any other code that might represent a date

Clare’s another difficult one, but I think you have a 1996 furnace.

Some phone numbers that might be able to help:

Air-Con Technology (distributor), Mississauga ON, 905.564.8171
Davie Environmental (bought Janitrol, which had been purchased by Clare), 800.663.0084 (Canada only)