clarification; service disconnect, Main Panel, Sub Panel

Is there a simple explanation for this? I have looked at multiple diagrams and videos and found overlapping answers.

Example 1;
Service conductor, meter with attached “main disconnect” and a few breakers in the same panel outside the home = service conductor, main panel and main disconnect, correct?

Panel in the home (with or with out a main breaker) = sub panel, correct?

Example 2;
Meter only outside = Service conductor

Inside panel with main disconnect = Main panel and main disconnect, correct?

If there is a main breaker at the service conductor (meter) attached to the outside of the home and the interior panel is on the opposite end of the home does it require another disconnect locally?

thank you

Since the sub-panel is within the same structure a separate disconnect is not required.

Please reside your terms. Conductors are wires. You are asking if the panel is a service or just a panel. The service is at the first means of disconnect after the meter and is where the neutral and ground bond occurs.