I would like to ask if you could explain the meaning to the word CLAD.

As in a window. What is a clad combination?

If you have a illistration it would be helpful.

Also does anyone ever inspect for a palmer valve that is supposedly in a drain.

The valve is in older homes in the floor drain? I have never seen one to inspect.

I asked this to my cousin who is a plumber. He had no idea what I was talking about.

The reason I ask is my report system includes this information.



The palmer valve is a check valve of sorts it is suposto allow water to go down the drain but closes when there is a back up. most of the ones in colorado do not work any more and need to be removed or replaced

Let me try.
A clad window, many windows in my area are wood on the inside and vinyl or aluminum on the out side. This is installed during the manufacture of the window. So you end up with a Vinyl or aluminum clad window.

As far as the palmer valve Henry explained it but I’ve never seen one. Either they are not in the drain or they are beyond sight.

Hope this helps.


The word “clad” means clothed or covered. Generally it refers to wood framed windows that are “clad” with another material, such as vinyl or aluminum. Just like Bill said. Only he said it sooner.

Just like Jae said, except that Bill said it sooner. There are disadvantages to reading these threads from the bottom up.