Clark College in Vancouver, WA offers home inspectoin course.

Nick, This is a good course. Took it myself and may be teaching in it. This is Bellingham Technical College taking over the former Arbutus Inspection Training. This time the school gets the lions share of the money instead of Arbutus. BTC is a class operation.

David, thanks for the comments. You were great to have in class and we will sure keep you in mind. David spent years in construction and building, so he is a natural. One thing about life, home inspection and education,things change sometimes so you remember the good people.

I wanted to let everyone here know that Charlie Buell and I, who are instructors in this course for BTC, are both Nachi members. We teach, among many other topics of course, the NACHI standards and we have always found Nick more than efficient to deal with. Students with questions about some aspect of NACHI can send him an Email and he gets back to them right away. We are very pleased to have NACHI helping us promote this course. A number of exciting changes are taking place, including having access to some new and improved instructional aids, since the college has taken over the course. Anybody who has questions about the course, where and when we teach it around Washington State, can give me a call and I will try to help out. We look forward to continued cooperation with NACHI as this progresses.

Steve Smith
King of the House, Inc.

We have been receiving a number of inquiries from home inspectors and potential home inspectors in Oregon. They ask if this class will count towards the eligibility points that a candidate must have to qualify to test and be certified. Holly, of the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board, the state agency that makes these determinations, says that this class, because it is backed by an accredited state college, will satisfy all of the 10 educational points required by Oregon. Also, Oregon inspectors can count every hour in class, hour for hour, towards the continuing education requirements. It should be noted that, to be licensed, potential inspectors will also have to gain, independently, 10 more “experience” points as specified by the state of Oregon.

So, in a nutshell, people who plan to work in Oregon can take the class offered by BTC, in Vancouver, and the class will meet all of the Oregon educational requirements. The class will also prepare the student to pass the Oregon exam, the NACHI exam or the National Home Inspector Test.

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