Clarksville Thermal Home Inspector debunks Memphis HI

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Infrared Thermal Imaging is NOT an MRI or anything even close to it!

I have worked on all kinds of medical Imaging Equipment and I am a Certified Infrared Thermographer. I use Thermal Imaging in conjunction with MRI and other Radiological equipment like ultrasound in the assessment of Equine Illness and pathological assessment.

MRI is nuclear magnetic resonance imaging which uses a magnetic field to align hydrogen atoms of water in the body. If you could fit a house in an MRI, it would not work like it does on the human body.

Television and ever expanding untrained Thermal Imaging Camera Owners are twisting the capabilities of this technology. Thermal Imaging is new to Building Science and Home Inspection because the cost and flexibility of the imaging equipment has drastically improved in the past couple of years. It is extremely effective, if used properly. Controlling the clients expectations is of utmost importance. Your published claims are far fetched and do not help.

You have NO grounds to advertise this technology in this manor.
Those of us who are actually qualified to offer this service in Real Estate Home Inspection do not need the likes of you making false claims through your marketing ploy.