Classes at HQ in Boulder CO: Weekdays or weekends?

We’re going to be offering a series of classes here at the InterNACHI headquarters in Boulder, CO. Would you rather attend a class during the week and have the weekend with your family, or over the weekend and miss less work?

Over the weekend.

No difference. I’d miss work driving down anyway.

Over the weekend, thanks

109 views and 9 responses. Thanks to you who took the time to respond.

Man, I just do not understand why inspectors do not respond to a poll like this. How can I make life easier for inspectors if they won’t respond? If I don’t know what they want? How tough is it to vote?

I voted Kent, and appreciate all you do…!!

Voted for weekdays. Thanks Ken!

I voted. Thanks, Kent

I voted, but I’m far from Boulder.

According to Nick, the inspectors are so busy in Colorado, they either don’t have time or feel they don’t need anymore training. :mrgreen:

Kent, will you be at the IR training next weekend in Boulder?

Send a request to the iNACHI email list.
My suspicion is that its not advertised enough for everyone to chime in.

I’ll probably stop by Keith, hope to see you there.