Classic Breaker

Had trouble figuring out why the A/C kept going on and off…

Tom, Google

Thanx Dale…This circuit breaker wouldn’t seat properly…had to wiggle it to operate the a/c compressor

Should not be doing that…keep your hands out of there if you value them. Just sayin

I would be greatly concerned about the potential damage to the busbar due to poor and/or improper connection to this breaker if you had to move it to sustain the circuit. It needs to be fully evaluated to ensure there is no serious damage hidden by the breaker itself.

Tom, did the breaker seem to function after installed properly on the busbar?

This is a first for me also, I haven’t seen this brand before, but their UL rating stated its designed for this panelboard based on what I read this morning.

Learn something every day, including myself.

I never seen one, nor heard of this particular breaker made by Eaton.


Yep…worked fine…with just a teeny spark. Once I put the deadfront back on just a little wiggle and a folded matchbook cover presto…

Called it out for immediate attention…

So I guess this isn’t an ul listed classified breaker…but a brand named classified.

I would venture to guess it is UL listed/labeled, but probably not for the panel it is installed in. Over the years, I have found many, many breakers “installed” in panels they were not designed to accept and this sounds like that exact scenario.

It could also be designed for this panel, but maybe when the original breaker failed (if it did), the bus was damaged to the point the replacement breaker can not seat properly. Only disassembly will tell.

Sounds like you have done your part well identifying an issue and calling it out for immediate evaluation and repair.