Classic Defect

All of the feeder and branch-circuit equipment-grounding conductors in this subpanel are terminated under a single lug.

I like the drywall screw.

lol…well heck…it’s not a Sheet Metal Screw…lol…thehehehe…

Nice image JOE…again an example of WHAT people do in their electrical panel…priceless

For being a hack job it is actually a piece of art. I like the way he worked with color mixing lights and darks. There is excellent use of texture in the big collage on the left and the single yellow wire nut really makes a bold statement about the imagination of the American handyman. The retiring white wire nut represents the shy nature of common sense.

That’s my Greg. Always the (art) critic.

Greg is one of those guys that see the glass as being half full.

I especially like the juxtaposition of the red, hot lead framing the insertion of the drywall screw.


My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of inspecting!:slight_smile:


Inspection with eyes closed! No fault!

Ho Ho Ho!j