Classic humidifier install

I posted in segments so you can get the full affects of the installation.

When I was at the interior I noticed the updated thermostat and humidistat.
Was explaining to my client how the humidifier system worked.

Everything was normal it seemed at the first floor. (it was turned off)

154110 061 (Small).jpg

I go down to the furnace and the older humidifier was rusting out the furnace cabinet and obviously leaking!!

No wonder the humidistat was in the off position.

154110 130 (Small).jpg

Then the classic discharge of the condensate into a:

Leaking toilet.

You got to be kidding me!!

154110 119 (Small).jpg

154110 120 (Small).jpg

Not really!

There is a heat anticipator in the thermostat that will raise the temperature of the air in the humidistat changing the relative humidity it senses.

This one below, is the old style, but they all have them and you can get the picture…


Did you not see my other 2 posts, I guess I should of stated it seemed normal at that point.

Just thought it was classic they update the humidistat but the humidifier is all rusted out and drains into a toilet.

I am sure everyone has seen that right Dave A.

Seemed like it was sensing toilet waste.

Look at my post again, I located a picture.

Did you know that this would mess up the humidistat because of location?

See the halo around the stat?

Maybe I should buy an IR camera and thermal image the toilet!!

Sorry Dave, I just posted I thought it was a improper termination into a toilet.

The humidistat was off, are you saying the stat should not be installed by the thermostat.

Gee my Honeywell Vision Pro thermostat has the humidistat installed in it.

All controllers (whether thermostats, humidistat’s or any other type of stat) are designed a certain way and are supposed to be installed at certain locations to operate properly.

The psychometrics of the air above the thermostat in David’s picture is not the same as the air below the thermostat, therefore it is not sensing the proper condition of the air to perform as designed.

Not that it makes that big a difference because you’re not trying to control the humidity to tight specifications in a residential situation. But when the humidistat overruns its set point and causes mold to grow in the house…

Gary, you have a thermostat that was “designed” to a different specification. I don’t understand the point! Are we comparing apples and oranges ?

I like the humidifier overflow drain installation. Could this be the start of a new green code? Use recycled water to flush. Gotta love it.

You know Dave with that set up if you left the humidistat set high enough you could leave the water to the toilet off all together…think of the savings…this could be revolutionary…

D. Macy…I get the point, that humidifier has to be a mildew, fungus, mold breeding factory. Newer comfort “Controls” technology has evolved, but I would still prefer to recommend replacing that unit, possibly replacing some of the damaged/affected ductwork and installing a new humidity control “humidistat” in the R/A ductwork upstream from the new humidifier location.