I just thought some of you guys might enjoy seeing this classic repair. The homeowner installed a new furnace in the attic and cut out all the bracing to make room. Rafters in the area were cracked in half, so it seems like he cut out all the bracing, then had an ‘Oh ****e!’ moment a couple of days later when the roof started collapsing and then devised this classic repair! Of course you know he was following me around the entire inspection saying ‘This house is perfect! There are no issues at all! This buyer is getting the best deal in the history of real estate sales!’

It still makes me smile that sellers and agents don’t realize how the more they talk up the house, the more suspicious we tend to become!

Attic Jack.JPG


You need to enter that one when Marcel gets to Structure on his “Best Defects” awards.{:smiley:

What do you mean thats a “perfectly” good jack

Ha! This is true… kind of like how the toilet was leveled using these “perfectly” good quarters! Yes, of course it was the same house!


Mmmmm ,have an urge to lick the porcelain.

That’s disgusting. Truth is you would lick the porcelain to get those quarters!:shock:

IR isn’t needed here.

Hey ,do you know me or something…:slight_smile:

Actually the quarters are there for target practice from what I can tell.

He did say his contractor was named Jack… just sayin.


Hey that was a high dollar plumber most use a penny


Another quality job by Jackleg Framers Inc…not licensed or insured in any state…cash only.

Screw the cash, have any hogs in the back? Seweee!!
" That’s an a-full nice musdash you gut there boy " !!!:shock: Oh Oh
I saw this movie before:shock:

Better leave those quarters alone and run.

That’s freaking hilarious! Its good enough to hold up a car right lol.

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