Classified replacement breakers:

Pictorial example of one classified replacement breaker:

Light Breaker is now Miami Breaker.

Most excellent Marc…I have also posted a PDF the brochure on the new UL Classified Breakers sold by Eaton Mfg. as well.

Link -

Now they also have GFCI and AFCI’s in UL Classification as well making it good for older panels with pricy costs on those bad boys.

I pulled that one out on a remodel job several weeks back. I’d guess it’s a good 10 or 15 years old. I save weird stuff like that. I’ve probably got 100lbs of weird stuff that I’ve only ever seen one of, ever. Got a GE ungrounded quadraplex receptacle the other day:

Yikes…now that I have NEVER seen before…and with no ground it has to be old…:slight_smile:

Late 60’s to early 70’s, judging from old GE device catalogs I’ve collected.