clause in real estate sale contract


Aspergillus too
New change to local contract seems to prove the contract tends to protect the seller.
Homebuyers should UNDERSTAND the contract they sign. (or hire a lawyer to assist them)
Does your Naples homebuyer contract look like this?
(5) the presence of toxic or pathogenic molds within the interior of the dwelling(s) exceeding the levels of such molds measured upon the exterior of the dwelling. Penicillum aspergillus and other allergenic molds shall not be deemed toxic or pathogenic molds for purposes of this contract, and/or

• Can people believe Real Estate agents are looking out for a homebuyers best interests?

• Who decides that a “humidity bloom” of mold in a home, often Aspergillus/Penicillum, that can cost thousands of dollars to remediate or cleanup is not a home repair or reason not to buy a home?

• If a home buyer has Aspergillosis, can they be forced to buy a home that has been identified as having Aspergillus mold growth in it?

• Who decided which molds are allergenic or toxic or pathogenic?

• Who should Naples homebuyers trust? “ About 16 species of Aspergillus molds are known to be dangerous to humans, causing disease and infection."

I’m pretty sure most contracts are worded that if the buyer doesn’t like the way the wind blew that day, he’s gone.
Meaning, any issue can be a reason for not going forward. :slight_smile:

How did you get MRSA2? Who’s got #1? I’m #1573.

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This is the contract used in South Florida.