Claw foot tub trying to relocate itself.

This claw foot tub has been used as a shower for years. They have a curtain that clearly does not get used adequately. Water has been hitting the adjacent wall and floor for what appears to be …forever.
This tub appears to be ready to fall through the floor. I am surprised that the tub has not gone through yet…at the level of damaged sustained underneath. I normally probe rotted wood…but this one did not need it…besides I wasn’t crawling underneath that. Safety first!

Shawn & Rebecca Schrader 06-07-06 043.jpg

Shawn & Rebecca Schrader 06-07-06 020.jpg

Nice look at conducive conditions!:roll:


That pic is amazing. Any chance I could get it full sized?

Go to PIXresizer on the web and download it. It is free.