Clay is the new Orange!

Need new uniform shirts. Couldn’t find them in “my color” so I am getting these:

Usint the color that they call “Clay”. Thought it would go well in crawlspaces. :wink:

Still have to get my logo, the NACHI logo and the CMI logo stiched on, but one of my network buddies does this.

Kinda hard to change a company trademark.


Sorry, don’t like it a bit. Heres a link I found:

That would be “camo” for the “dirt” we have here :smiley:

I knda like the AWA one. I need a large, tall. I don’t like the polyester blend. Looking for a canvas type shirt.

Thanks for your research.

Whew!! When I saw “Clay is the new Orange!”…

I though maybe Aiken was your new squeeze.

You, Sir, are one sick puppy. Guess that’s why I like you so much (but not in that way :mrgreen:).


Go Cabela’s… they’re on sale !!!

Ordered. Thanks. Now I can stay my old orange self.


You laugh, but a trademark brand is a trademark brand. I run into Realtors, every day, that say, “Hey, you’re that Orange guy, aren’t you?” And, it would seem, my reputation among Realtors is one of being tough but fair.

Not a bad place to be.

Too bad… that clay color would’ve had a very nice pink hue to it.:smiley:


Does that mean Aiken can’t come to your house??

Hey!..Clay…yeah, cancel those airplane tickets to Chicago…

And stop doing that to my dog!!!

And, DOG!!! Stop doing that to…aw geez…

I haven’t had shirts made for me in 5 years, and Decker is sooooo right that trademark is a legitimate and time honored method of branding that does work. Laugh if you think it is a joke, talk to any good marketer and they will change your mind.

Sheesh… who was laughing??? Ya’ll need to refresh your understanding of the emoticons!!!

:slight_smile: = Happy
:smiley: = Very Happy
:lol: = Laughing

So, as you can see, I was stating that I was very, very, very happy that Will found my link usefull.

Glad to have helped!!! :blank:

Check these guys out sometime…
I’ve used them twice in the last couple years, and their quality and service are great…

Orange you glad Jeff gave you that link! :wink:


I use them also. Agree they are great and am very happy with their products, but they are limited in availability of “tall” sizes.


Ditto Ditto…Can’t beat Queensboro…I have shirts I bought five-six years ago that are still in good condition…and you gotta love the “Wrinkle-less” fabric they have.

All we need in southern AZ are the short sleeve ones, but any item I have ever bought from Queensboro has been a great product.