Clay Tile Density Checker

I’m an IA operating in the valley in Texas. We have plenty of hail storms here, as I’m sure you are already aware of.

I’m looking for a handheld clay tile density checker. This past summer one of my claims was sent to an engineering firm to check/analyze the density of the clay tiles after a hail storm. When I asked what instrument he was using, he refused to tell me.

When he used the instrument, he was able to slide the tile in between two sensors and slide the instrument back and forth. When the instrument located a hairline fracture, it made a “ping” sound.

Do you have any idea what this instrument is? Would you possibly know what the name of the manufacturer and where I could possibly purchase one? I’d prefer to settle the claims in the field without having to force the client to wait the additional days and/or weeks with damaged clay roofs.

I, and my future clients, would surely appreciate your suggestions. Thank You!

Haven’t heard of one specifically for Clay Tile, but a good place to start would be Olympus.
They make all sorts of specialized detection equipment, Ultrarsound flaw detection, advanced NDT system, etc.
If they dont have what your looking for, I bet they know who does…