Clean Out

This is a pic from todays inspection. The pipe going into the clean out is for the swimming pools sand filter. They ran the pipe directly into the main stack. The way it is, there is no way of snaking out the main without removing this pipe. Is this acceptable?

In a word … NO!



Even if it is easily removable? Please don’t yell. :wink: :smiley:

Can you tell me why?

Not Gerry, but around here there would have to be an air gap (1" separation) between the pool discharge and drain.
Hard to acheive on this horizontal installation. :wink:

I’ll try and find a photo of proper or improper, as i described.



I am a city of Dayton licensed plumber and the installation is incorrect. There should have been a full sized combo or wye with a street 45 degree elbow tied into the tee. This would leave another clean out plug in the other side of the combo. Pool installations are some what up to a code inspector in your area. I am not sure if you can even tie the sand filter into the sanitary without a trap to separate the sand out. You are getting close to a code question not a general inspection problem. The client should be advised of the possible problem of drain cleaning. If you need to know the code you should get with city of Hamilton and ask for a plumbing code book. It may may be different from Dayton even though they are in close proximity. If I can find the proper installation in my State of Ohio Plumbing code book, I will post the pictures later.

Hope this helps a little,
Jon Hittle
Hittle Home Inspection, LLC
Eaton OHIO

Thanks for the info.

No way is this correct. It has to go to a floor drain and does need gap. No vent on this thing. Doesn’t matter that the clean out at the obvious base of the stack is used (Although I wouldn’t recommend it). The pool will discharge much more than the waste in the house will take. Sand filter discharge is under pressure (40+ pounds on a 1 1/2" line), can someone say FLOOD.:roll:
Jonathan - I’m in Clayton, welcome aboard.:slight_smile: