Clean up our Damned home page Nick

Well you asked



Very good.

Everyone list for me anything you want on the home page… and anythig you want off the home page.

We’ll let the members build it for us.

Hi Nick,

I have always thought that our home page should be split into 3 distinct areas.

  • Inspectors
  • Realtors
  • Consumers

Each area should link to a simple landing page of topics that would be of prime interest to those groups



Oh boy.

What about home sellers and home buyers being split?

What about commercial inspectors?

What about Mold?

This is going to be a Wiki built home page so get your thoughts voiced now.

The home page should:

  • have a clear statement of what InterNACHI is.

  • A “find and inspector button” should be foremost and obvious near the top without all the clutter that is there now.

  • provide informative link buttons for each the type of visitor likely to come to

  • video or link to more about InterNACHI would be great

  • the landing page should easily direct the visitor to his/her area of interest.

  • almost everything that is on the current page should be on internal pages after an area of interest is chosen

There it looks better already


Excellent idea !! :slight_smile:

That would be a good way to get “approximate” traffic results via clicks through to the Inspectors section, the Realtors section and the consumer section. I’d love to see how many visits to this site are actually realtors and consumers.

Specifics. What should go on the agent landing page?

Green building?

A link to green building material could be on any of the vistor landing pages except not on the front page. The current front page is extremly busy and overloaded.

Here, scroll down and you’ll click to see what needs to be there specifically. Just make it better than theirs.


That front page has some of the right info but it is boring and not very organized.

Which is why I stated this. :slight_smile: says we are already 350,000 sites better than

That doesn’t mean a thing if the public doesn’t have a clue as to who NACHI is. The landing page needs to say it.

I hate to say it, but ASHI has a great front page…:frowning:

We can do much better. :cool:

Here, add some photos to the front page that will make it not so boring.

This page will be for Nick everytime he loads the front page.

Looking Good… LOL.

Here’s my suggestion to get the ball rolling as to what should be where. I’ve posted it as a word doc so anyone can play with it and add or delete stuff.