Cleaning up the cloud

Like many HIP users, I do much of my report on mobile, upload that to the cloud, download to my computer and finish the report.

Which leaves a partially finished inspection on the cloud.

I see how to delete inspections off the cloud one at time, but is there way to delete a bunch all at once?

Are you talking about removing them from your phone?

About once a week I will go back and delete any old inspections from my phone so they don’t build up.

We have a “Delete all from Cloud” button on the beta version right now which will be public soon. As Dave mentioned, I recommend keeping them until your PDF report is done and sent out to your client. Removing them once a week is great but the clear button will make that easier.

Most other software only lets you keep 5 reports at a time on their cloud, we give you unlimited storage so you can be a pack rat!

Thanks Dom. That answers my question.