Clearances Over Swimming Pools

Clarification on clearances over pools depends upon certain conditions described in the attachments. :smiley:

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Anyway Guys…22.5’ over the pool…14.5’ over the diving board, stands and towers per say and it encompasses 10’ around the pool area…any more detail than that visit Article 680.8 Table 680.8 of the good ole’ NEC.

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???Specific image…nothing to do with the basics of clearance as posted…an isolated image does not explain the clearances needed for general pool areas.

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Video clip on safety of home electrical wiring and
Electrocutions in Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas

Mike Holt has some good pool information (download).

The information and graphics can be used in a report if needed, simply by asking him.


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Thanks and pictures always help if you have any.

I can go out in my backyard and take a picture of my low voltage lighting to close to the Pool edge, but I really don’t feel like it…:smiley:

If I knew I could have taken the picture, I was in the Biltmore area last week!

I walked over to the mall where they were remodiling and took a few pictures to add to my library of over 50,000!