Cleveland Inspector

Hey everyone I have a client also Realtor here in Boise that is going to be purchasing several condos in the west side of Cleveland approx 19 of them, they ask me if I knew anyone who could perform inspections there.

They need someone with experience in mold and to possibly do IAQ testing.
they prefer someone that is in the 44102 area code which they say is the west side of Cleveland OH.

Thanks guys

Also in your replies please post your website so I can forward the info to the client.

Does Cleveland require licensing for HI??? If not I may go myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning Troy :smiley:

Thats my job right??

well whats the licensing requirement??

I’m 2 1/2 hr west of Cleveland. But for an inspection that big I’d travel that far. Ohio does not have licenseing yet. But I would have to check to see if Cleveland requires it. I am mold certified, through ProLab, & have done many samplings. However, I am not IAQ certified.

no liscensing required Troy…I’m fairly close but no mold or IAQ…

I’d team up with James!

Troy, how about I just meet you there tag team it, and knock it out, be home for that steak dinner by five o’clock. It’s only a three hour drive for me. What do you say.:smiley:

I need to chat with my clients, Ruths Chris Steak house on you right??
or Mortons

Whatever you want. but y*our buying.:wink: *

I say we just add that to the cost of the inspection:D

:mrgreen: I would be interested in these inspections. I live 2 miles from 44102.

Thanks Anthony

Troy I talked to Tony and told him about your request. He is a great inspector.