Click here to take action now regarding Arizona BTR!

Not sure what he intends to accomplish,
Is the ROC going to be cheaper?:roll: :roll: The fees now account for less than a buck per inspection, getting lower fees will amount to? maybe .10 less per.

Bitc-ing on a blog , and begging to nick and for tips :smiley: to help his cause,
what ever happened to getting involved and getting your hands dirty if you want to solve or change something??:roll: :roll:

Kinda looks like some body has tooooo much time on their hands and got POed at the state for lack of inspections, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Doesn’t make much sense to me either, I cannot think of a reason for me to be pi$$ed at the BTR, unless these inspectors cannot get licensed or something.

I have no idea what they could be talking about…:roll:

I am soooooo busy doing all those forecloseure inspections I do not have time to phuck with the BTR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian, are you doing “Move-Out-Certified” inspections?..:-&

If so, would please explain how you get them.

Hope you can help…:mrgreen:…me…:-&

The last one I got was my wife kicked my sorry *** out Dale.

I always knew she was a smart woman. :smiley:

I guess that makes you…‘Kicked Out Certified’ :stuck_out_tongue: