Client asking my opinion on her mold report

I always tell clients that I only recommend a mold test if someone has known allergies or other health/raspatory concerns. That is whether I see mold or not. Mold is mold, if I see it, its there, it needs to be cleaned. The exception would be if I observe a large area or I suspect there is a hidden, serious mold concern.
With that said, I had a client that requested testing just for her comfort level. She is asking me to interpret the results for her. I am curious how you would respond.

Well, what if she asked you to interpret the results of an MRI?

If you’re qualified and want to take on the liability of entering that discussion, go ahead. Otherwise, “no thank you”, please consult with the expert that prepared your test results. Unless of course, you are the expert she hired to “test for mold”.