Client complaint about snow covered deck.

I just received a complaint from a Client that I did an inspection for in early March. He moved into the home in mid-May and decided to replace the deck and feels that my Report should have disclosed that the deck boards were in poor condition so that he would have had the opportunity to negotiate that with the sellers. The deck was completely snow covered at the time. I’ve included (just) that page of the Report. It was 7 F that day which is a day at the beach for us in North Dakota. The deck may have been as old as the house which is 1979 but that was not confirmed. The house was in estate. Comments? Suggestions?

Don Srock
Minot, ND

Send him a copy of that page with every issue highlighted and ask him what the contractor whom he obtained to follow up on the railing issues and the lack of deck visibility said when he saw the deck boards.

I will. Thanks. I appreciate the advice.

SOunds like sour grapes. You did what you could do. Be polite but stand your ground.