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Hey all,

Did an inspection on October 30, 2019. Client emailed yesterday and said there is no heat upstairs. I did the inspection 4 months ago. The house was empty for over a month after I inspected it. Who knows what happened during that time?! How is this on me at this point? How should I proceed? Thanks.

What was the heat source?

Furnace with ducts and registers.

Was it working upstairs when you done the inspection? Any proof it was working? One furnace served both floors?

It worked but no proof. I didn’t have my FLIR at that time. Unfortunately.

…and the client says it’s working on the main floor?

So they just went through the three coldest months of winter without heat, and they are just telling you now?
Doesn’t your contract have a statement that all complaints are filed within two weeks of discovery?
Did the problem just appear, which means it has been working for the three coldest months of winter, and they are now on their own!


Did they pay their heating fuel bill?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is how I confirm all HVAC testing.


I photograph all heat registers with a FLIR camera. This gives me a nice real world comparison to ambient temperature and proper air distribution. I discovered a brand new home where four registers over the stairway were not hooked up to the HVAC duct. Seems like a fishy story as others have mentioned as they went through a heat season already.


Same here! :slight_smile:

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I also FLIR photograph all shower, tub and lavatory faucet as well. This way the customer can see that the showerhead is producing over 120°F water. About 1/3 of my homes have water temperatures at the shower over 120°F. I mention it needs to be repaired so I don’t get sued for scalding.


Are they saying it’s not working at all, or just not at second level?

Was the attic properly insulated? Perhaps it’s very cold upstairs…feels like “no heat”.

Do you write or record a note for the location of each photo? I could see that alone taking me well over an hour in a large house with 2,3, or 4 separate systems. Do you have an easy way to record locations of the photos?

Screw them ! If it was working at the time of the inspection…Then no problem…Yep!

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I only write up the defects. I check the return and then supply registers of each system. If there is a supply register that isn’t in line with the others I include that in my report.


Offer to drop by.

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Or, you calmly let them know that the system was working well during inspection and that they should contact an HVAC contractor to determine what has changed. Having an “us” versus “them” mentality only creates more problems, in all aspects of life.

Put dinner on, I’m bringing the family as well!

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