client contact

When a client contacts you, do you normally ask them if they need a WDI. Do you try to educate them on these matters.

I give my client my pricing and I tell them that the price does include a WBI inspection. I do the WBI inspection on all my home inspections.

WBI ???

Wood Boring Insects.

So you do not cover WOOD DESTROYING INSECTS?

No wood cutting insects?

Just the boring ones.:mrgreen: Life is a drag sometimes…:mrgreen:



Must be a geographical thing. WBI’s out here.

I try to educate every potential client on the things that I offer that my competition doesn’t. You have to give them a reason to want to hire you, after I am done with my short little spiel, I get the details and issue them a price, then get down to booking the inspection. If you have truly impressed them with your qualifications and why they SHOULD hire you, that is the easy part.

Thank you.

I ask if they want it, but don’t push it. I make a small fee from this service, which I sub out.