Client Login

So, I’m using the trial version of HG and have a question. If I send the report in HTML format, it’s my understanding that the client gets the link to the report. So, do they have to create an account, and login to view the report? Thanks guys.

HG will create a user name and password to view the HTML version of the report. If you subscribe to HG services an email is automatically generated with the username and password when you upload the report. Alternatively you can download the report as a pdf and send that to your client from your own Email or ISN. Its very simple and HG services is worth every penny and more.

The user name can also be created by you in the software at the time you either create the report or at anytime during or after completing the report. The password is auto created by HG services.
Look under the Customer tab (left side window panel) and about 2/3 of the way down. You’ll also want your clients valid email address.

Personally I don’t use HG Services, and I seem to manage just fine. Its a business decision you’ll need to make.