client not there, but dad is

first time i’ve had this happen.

client cant make the inspection, but his dad can.

other than addressing the report and pre-inspection agreement to the client only, is there other paperwork i should attain?

just get written consent from client that dad is his on-site representation?

JUst make sure you follows the rules and get the necesssary permission from the client that you can go over everything with the Dad. I liked having the DAD there especially when it was for a young couples starting out, I have gotten more refferals from the Dads, because of the relationship that was built with their Dad. I don’t know how old you are, but must of the Dads I met were my age or little older and we had a lot in common, mostly sense, RE Agents sure didnt like it, boy do I have story about a Dad and a RE Agent during an inspection I did last year, :smiley:

When the client can’t get there, I gave the agent or the relative sign XXXXX, for John Doe.

That’s my attorney’s advice.

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a signature is no problem.
i’ll have that from my client prior to the day of inspection.
mostly concerned about any “he said, she said” with the dad, but that happens under normal circumstances.

I do about 20 or more a year like this never been a concern .
Some times have had to run over the report on the phone .
Just do your usuall great inspection and it will go great .

Leonard I agree but, I think he needs to get closer to his razor.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did one last week where the Dad was the one present, the one who wrote out the check and was the agent representing the buyer (his son). He signed the contract, wrote me the check so he is the one that got the report. I let them figure it out from there.

My attorneys had me modify the signature line: