Client website

It’s 95% complete but fully-operational. One of my personal favorites.

Here’s the old site:

Critique it. We vendors can only get better when we are judged.

*NOTE: The Nameserver were just recently changed, so let me know if you have trouble seeing in your area. It is likely because something hasn’t propagated yet.

It’s nice!

Thanks, Nick. I followed your “brutal” rules when building it. Not a brochure, not a newspaper, not a TV, and not a magazine.

I agree.

Thank you, Mr. Elliot.

Your good if you over come your ADD.:slight_smile:

What do you mean? I don’t have…LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

Where ? Anyway nice site and the weather should be good tomorrow so a walk would be nice ,darn my legs hurt.:mrgreen:

Notice something that I did on the payment page:

I figured that if Matt is going to use a PayPal payment form, then I would integrate a required rating of the quality of his service. When he receives the form data in his email, he can use that with Realtor marketing (if he chooses to market to house sales people). As his clients pay, they MUST tell him if they are satisfied. If they are, then that gives Matt leverage when marketing (to anyone).

Also, the payment form gives Matt permission to ask for referrals.


Thanks again, and don’t forget to take your tumeric and Glucosamine.

Lucky guess ?

Not. I know how smart you are, Sir.

Hey I already know I am stupid so no reason to tell the world.
Anyway site looks good.

Thanx again im definitely very happy with the way it came out. In 4 days he took all the stress out ofusing go daddy website builder. He didnt just give me a template and walk away. He helpped me edit make improvements customize everything the way i wanted. Definitly one off the best in building websites. Very fast too

Just to clarify, Matthew WAS using GoDaddy’s website builder. I took the stress out of it by NOT using it. GoDaddy was not used in the production of Matt’s new website. It was handbuilt.