Clients past 6 months

I have a previous client who is asking for me to resend a copy of there inspection report from 7 1/2 months ago. My thinking is they are wanting to see if I may have missed something on my report and possibly want to come back on me. My pre inspection agreement states that I carry no liability after 6 months. I guess my question is would you send report to client?

Yes, I would be as helpful as I could. Stay positive and see where you can clarify anything or recommend a professional contractor, etc.


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I re-sent one last week that was near five years ago.
Turned out the neighbor dug up his lawn to install a drain he wanted proof it was not there when he bought the place.

I would, up to the point where my state records retention law requires they be accessible. After that, I would not.

When I was new, I cringed every time a client called or requested a copy of their report, because I was anticipating a problem. I soon came to realize that they were seeking me out because they trusted me and my knowledge. After I came to that realization, I looked forward to those contacts because it gave me a chance to reaffirm their wisdom in hiring me, which they invariably share with others.

Hell yes. I send them the reports, even if they’re 15 years old.


Many thanks to all of you! Very helpful

Not sure your 6 month clause is any good. In Arizona we are legally on the hook for 4 years, no matter what our contract says.