Clinton's Keynote Address

I beileve the highlight so far John is

No way no how NO MCCAIN.

Maybe you should get cable with all that IR money.

Happy Hour For Hillary

Source: Bill Clinton will not attend Obama’s Invesco speech
Posted: 09:49 PM ET

From CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley

Bill Clinton will reportedly not attend the convention Thursday night.

DENVER (CNN) – Hillary Clinton will be on hand for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, but according to a source close to former President Bill Clinton, he will not: the source tells CNN that Clinton will not join his wife at Invesco Field Thursday night.

John McCain Rap

Really oooooooooooooollllllllllllllddddddddd school baby.

John, you have a man crush, how cute in a wierd way. :frowning:

I think John just lost a friend.

The woman has spoken. :mrgreen:

My favorite was how fitting it is Bush and McCain will be in the twin cities next week, since now a days you can"t tell them apart.

Excellent speech by Clinton and much better than I expected.
He may have made a mistake not picking her for VP.
Bidens speech will have lots of pressure .


Country music sucks,but not as bad as McCain.

Can"t believe Nick has been that brainwashed.

The answer my Friend is that I was a POW (whats the question?)

Oh and do not forget to drill.

Actually I’m not pro McCain at all. I’m just anti Osama. Chris almost had me voting for the Dems for the first time this year and then Osama revealed his pro-tyranny/pro-rape/anti-gun thinking. I’ll take a bad economy and cling to my gun over a good economy and helplessness, any day.

Nick the simple minded, one-issue voter.

Then please just stay home on voting day.
If the guidence of our country continues down the McSame path another four years, we are all in big trouble.

19th in education amoung all Nations and borrowing money from Communist China is somehow not what I pictured for my childrens future.

I think a lot of children have been left behind.(since Bush took over).

Not a big O"bama fan myself ,but the alternative is scary.

I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Robert writes:

Sounds like you are a Ron Paul supporter too.

Yes I was, and Republicans may seem to many to be closer in theory to a libertarian philosophy but we have a choice between two Candidates that do not please me .
Neither is aggressive enough , to pull off which ever version of USA they are trying to create.

So my hatred of Bush, makes the choice for me.

At least Obama is a wild card , that has a chance to turn things around if he can prove to be a strong leader.

I am expecting an extremly strong speech , with something substantial , other than chasing Rainbows ,on Thursday.

Otherwise I may stay home in November.

Truly the worst case of “choices offered” I have ever known.

The Mayan prophecies may be right.

They are both a more frightening selection of politicians than I have ever seen (and thats a long time).

"At least Obama is a wild card"

Yup. “Wild card” is the first thing that springs to mind when I am asked who do I want running the most powerful country in the world and leading the western alliance against terrorism. Uh-huh. “Wild card” pretty much sums up Ossama’s qualifications for the job.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

How much of a wild card is the most liberal of 100 in the Senate?:roll: