Clip Retrofit

I have a customer who has decided to retrofit with clips on a 50’s house, these are the photo’s he has sent me. In reading the form, these are not attached to the top of the block or a bond beam, they are attached to block but on the side, and on the outside, therefore, in my opinion, done incorrectly. Am I wrong? Any thoughts on how this could be done correctly. Thx

Can’t tell from the picture where is this at? Doesn’t look like inside the attic is it an open porch or enclosed? Need a little more info. Doesn’t look like the right screws are used and I believe that clip is not approved for 500lbs of uplift resistance.

Not sure if its a porch or not, he said he didn’t have much room in the attic and he was going to do it on the outside. I believe they are # 8 wood screws, not sure about the clip.

Homeowner or contractor? Permitted? What do the rest of the rafters look like? Looks non-compliant from here.

Homeowner, no permit, not sure if all the rafters look the same or not

Total fail!!

I agree with Shawn. This is not even remotely close to being right. Those “clips” are usually nailed in to begin with. They are meant to be fully back supported. Also looking at the screws (having had it happen to me on a different type of job) the head shear strength is minimal and will break away from the thread body under shear loading.

Looks like the owner made a feeble attempt on the carport beams. Probably nothing in the attic.
Doesn’t matter - no permit no ticket!

Agreed - No good!!

The 2"x ledger or nailer is tap conned with no washers… The tap cons go through a stucco band which has no structural integrity. Screws instead of nails which probably have very little shear strength and the heads will pull out as already noted. I feel like the screws are all of 3/4" long (just a feel) ----- Not good… Have them call me if they would like to have this home properly retrofitted ----- WindStorm Retrofit, LLC (772) 539-2909

Good response.

I believe they do make screws for this application but the ones in the picture is not them

No way this is good…agree with previous comments