Clips, wraps,its all bs

A while ago, I posed a question regarding a single strap that came out of a concrete wall and was nailed to a truss with several nails. This is as per the OiR and 1802, classified as a clip. Two of the same type of strap, on the same truss is also classified as a clip.

I e mailed Simpson with regards to this issue and here was thier reply:

My understanding is that the classifications were developed in order to make inspection easy, so there are not any load ratings officially associated with each of the options (clip, single wrap, double wrap strap).
A single embedded truss anchor simply nailed to the side of a truss could have the same capacity as a single wrap strap with fewer nails, and the same could be said for two embedded truss anchors having the same capacity as a double wrap strap.

However, I am not aware of any allowance for reclassifying connectors based on capacity.
We actually pursued this during the revision of the inspection form, and were unsuccessful.

My new question would be, why is the OiR making the classifications and not the manufacturers?

This merely adds to the growing amount of evidence that the 1802, the discount program, and everything connected to it, is a complete scam.

Be careful what you wish for. Can you imagine doing an engineering analysis on each type of RTW you encounter? Your blood pressure would be a lot better off if you would just quit bucking the process. The form is geared toward common connection types and that is what it should be. Doesn’t make it completely right, but simplifies things. Most of the heavy duty connections were only introduced recently on homes already getting the FBC credits. This form is geared more for the older homes.

The form dictates what, if any discounts a homeowner will get.
If as I suspect, the rating for the picture above is a double wrap and being marked as a clip, how much of he discount isn’t being applied.

What is even more disturbing,is the fact the OiR has the information and chooses not to use it. Just like the data from Simpson which stated that a single wrap with two nails on one side and one on the other, was a single wrap, not a clip as previously classified on the earlier form.

They along with the insurance companies are using false or in some cases, no data, to come up with a rating which is costing people, while at the same time, lining the pockets of the insurance companies.

As for my blood pressure, it is fine.

Can you imagine doing an engineering analysis on each type of RTW you encounter? How do you think the homes were built. Each home had a rational analysis performed to determine wind load and uplift. The only people doing these inspections should be engineers and architects as they are the only ones who are truly qualified. But then again that would knock all of you $75.00 gurus out of business.

Clips, wraps,its all bs

Amen to that.

I must admit, on occasion, I get surprised! Pleasantly! :wink:

I just sent around 70 pictures of all different straps to someone from Simpson who is attending the ATC hurricane conference. Perhaps another revision to the form is in the works! :wink: