Clock with no hands

Commercial Heritage Inspection.

What is it?

(I know, so this is just a quiz for any others that want to participate)

Clues every 10 wrong answers.

Clock with no numbers-sml.jpg

Clock with no numbers-sml.jpg

Clock with no numbers-sml.jpg

Pressure gauge on an old boiler approx. 1850’s.

Besides… who needs numbers to tell what time it is?

polish wind chime?

Jeff, Robert, Funny but no, sorry.

Indoor sundial?

A song by the ROOTS

an anemometer and directional vane

Weather Barometer

top of an old gasoline pump!

Masonic coded clock?

Joe, Buck, Chad, Christopher, Scott and Mark, all very good guesses, but alas no cigar!

Two more for the first clue :slight_smile:

Barometric pressure gauge.


Gas pressure gauge

Kevin, Kevin again, Wayne, sorry but no, so here’s your first clue.

The inventor created a link between:

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Springfield, Illinois, USA
  • A President of the United States and a Prime Minister of Canada

Steam pressure gauge for a Locomotive.
If it is one it is not from the 1800s but more like 1940s
Back out to work I go!

It looks like something off an old weigh scale to me.

Brothel meter.

Kevin, Robert No. Gary, can you send me a photo of one when you find one please? :slight_smile: (and No)

Fire sprinkler gauge.