Clogging toilets - Aaahhhhggg!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to blow up a few toilets! Well, not THAT way… I open myself up to you, my Fraternity, for help.

A couple of years ago I replaced all four builder-grade toilets (you know, $85 for bowl and tank combo, Made in Mexico) because they clogged so easily. I asked around and got the one-piece Kohler turbo-swirl, maxo -flush, yadda, yadda toilets. They might be a smidge better, but not much! At least they are quiet.

We still have a little 11 year old at home. She can clog a toilet every day, at will! She will come out and say, “Good luck with THAT one, Dad.” You think I’m kidding…

I heard from a couple of different plumbers that the Toto power-flush toilets are good, and only about $400 installed (here in Virginia). I am up to my gills in frustration, and perhaps something else too, but WHO HAS A TOILET SUGGESTION?? I am not joking here!

I want to throw away my 18 plungers, 2 snakes and water blasters (don’t waste your money…). Please let me know what you suggest!!

Put a child safety lock with a key on the toilet and give the kid a shovel :smiley:

American Standard Champion…very hard to clog…thier add is flushing 2 dozen golf balls…I’ve put a good number in without a complaint so far…cost around 250.00 at home centers…jim

VERY appreciated Jim! Do they come with Dom’s shovels?

I think that’s extra Jay…good luck …jim

I used to have the same problems.

Replaced it with Briggs Vacuity and no more problems.:slight_smile:


My old toilet could barely flush down mere toilet paper half the time. The Champion I replaced it with 4 years ago has yet to not make whatever has been put in disappear without a trace. It was well worth the extra $$$.:smiley:

American Standard Champion
Put one in girls bath - They can stop up the panama canal - works great.

American Standard Champion

Put one in my home 2 yrs. ago, no problems.

You guys are GREAT!

Michael - I am not sure my bathroom could handle that wave pictured on the Vacuity site, but that looks like a good toilet!

Jack - between your girls and mine we probably should NOT ever vacation at the same hotel…

I saw a show on HGTV about an expo where they featured the American Standard Champion golf ball test and I was interested - but, it was a commercial! However, with your recommendation(s) the picture changes…

I will go and investigate both toalays - thanks to all of you!


The poop on Poopers aka the Manufactured Turd Test

I’m going to try to be delicate…

We had a similar situation in our home, but our solution was different and cheeper.

  1. told the kid to not use so much TP
  2. told the kid to flush once half way through
  3. told the kid, “you clog it, you clear it” and educated how to use a plunger.
  4. gave the kid a supply of disposable knives to “deal” with making large problems smaller ones.

I probably won’t win father of the year but, I no longer have a problem. :mrgreen:

Quit feeding them.

Doug, that’s cruel. All you need to do is reduce the ammount of fibre in their diet and make them wash down every meal with a 6 pack of Grolsch :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :shock:

Hell, I haven’t blocked a toilet in years :wink:



Don’t buy Charmin toilet paper!

Your butt may not like it but your pocket book will and a lot less toilet blockage…

In other parts of the world they have this hose thingy–water, with precise aim goes further than a roll of TP. They make a heated water version of it as well and mounts like a toilet seat. Just tap the water fom the toilet supply line.

Having a stopped up toilets really stinks. What a crappy way to ruin a day. hehe

Gerber makes a tiolet called the POWERFLUSH. I do not know how much they cost, and they are REALLY noisy, espicially during a middle of the night session, but they flush like this.

Mark, good info.

This is good stuff… !! I don’t quite know what to say, though it is hard to see the computer screen through the tear in my eye…

Mark, been there too! Hard to flush during a 9 incher… (delicate I know), and plunging or cutting up made her vomit, complicating the original problem! Still, Father of the Year should still go your way.

Doug - they just sneak food, or swipe the dog’s…

Great plan Gerr!! I don’t do alcohol, so I am not sure what Grolsch is, but assume my daughter could not buy it on her own…

Marcel - TP isn’t the problem and we use Costco TP, not Charmin. What I really need are some good old black market Canadian toilets!

Thanks, boys!

Greg - I have lived in other parts of the world and they basically have a hole in the floor… pretty messy with all the associated that your mind just imagined. Guaranteed no clog - that is, if you can get close enough to the hole to actually use it - you know, splatter? And be sure not to slip on the, um, well, ice!

Michael - that is a good video. It is what the Toto’s do. I will look into the Gerbers. Thanks!