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After finishing an inspection yesterday I was driving out of the sub division and turned onto a main road. Speed limit is 45, I hit a pretty large dip in the road and heard a thud on top of my truck. I looked in the rearview just in time to see my 24’ extension ladder flipping through the air and land about 20 yards behind me. Thankfully the closest car was about 100 yards back. I some how forgot to tie down my ladder when I left the inspection. I always check the ladder when I get in my truck. I just missed it. I can’t imagine what would have happened if there was another car right behind me. I still shake when I think about it. The kicker is that I was about 100 feet from entering the highway when I hit the dip in the road. Who knows what would have happened had the ladder not fallen off before I got the highway. icon_eek.gif

Lesson: always check your load before pulling away.


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My “Load” fits under my topper, so the only thing that can fall of is the topper itself and I check the connections monthly on that.

Sounds like you had a close call! That could have been expensive!!!

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