Close call

Did an inspection for a couple:p . House had some issues with it and in my recommendations That a licensed electrician checks over the electrical system .:wink: Looked as if the home owner did his own electrical and had a few things wrong. The following weekend the non attached garage at this house had an electrical fire . Not sure if the owner is going to rebuild or what . Will keep you posted . That was a close call and I could probably hear the owner yelling at his wife … WE don’t need no damn altering here I know what I’m doing

Close call ? I would say GOOD call …

So…did they buy the house???

This had just happened so "stuff " is still happening


I hope you defected the heck out of it.

If so, make sure that the seller, somehow, gets a copy. In that way, he won’t be able to file an insurance claim against it. He messed it up, he pays for it.

Be cool to see.