Closed Building Conditions

I’m a student, looking to open in September.

Does a home inspection impact “closed building conditions?” We’re not leaving windows and doors open, and may run vent fans for a very short period which shouldn’t affect the pressure much. My though is no, but I defer to you, the professionals. Thoughts?

Also, do you typically deploy your devices at the end of your inspection if you’re providing the test?

I deploy mine in advance of the inspection appointment whenever possible, so it ends when I arrive for the inspection. When not possible, I set it at the conclusion of the inspection.
Although MY impact on “closed home conditions” is minimal, my clients are almost always present and even though I coach them at the beginning of the inspection, I don’t babysit them. I always add 12 hours to the test time if clicnts are present to insure timeframe standards are met.

Good stuff, thanks for the info. Being in the Iowa/MN area, do you have a preferred lab? Also, who are you using to spike samples?

Thanks for your help. I’m moving up to Des Moines at the end of the month. Hopefully we will cross paths at some point.

I have been using EMSL exclusively for about 8 years, but due to a drop in the quality of customer service from my rep., I changed to RTCA about 2 years ago. Both labs are NJ/NY based. There is no local lab that is Home Inspector friendly (for Radon) that I have found. Even the County supplied kits are sent out-of-state for analysis.

I should clearify, I still use EMSL local (Minneapolis) for mold, vermiculite, etc testing. Radon is the only test, (or other highly specialized tests), that is sent out-of-state.