Closest/farthest inspection

Scheduled an inspection 2 blocks from me, literally.

From MapQuest…
*Total Travel Estimates: 0.73 minutes / 0.17 miles *

Took the baby on a walk to see what the place looked like. :mrgreen:

What’s the closest, farthest you’ve gone for an inspection?

Closest…1/2 mile. Farthest…365 miles.

Closest, 660 feet. Farthest, 138 miles.

I did 2 Reverse Mortgage evaluations in the desert…325 miles from here. WOW.

Closest was the house that backs up to mine (neither the client or I knew until after I booked it). Funny thing is I could have walked out the back and jumped the fence but had to drive almost three miles to get to it with my vehicle.

Farthest was about 110 miles each way.

Sounds like you came to our neck of the woods here.

If I get a call for Galt… I’ll call you.

BTW. I did an inspection around the corner once 1 or 2 tenths of a mile max. They called, gave the address and I thought “hey, doesn’t get much better than that!”

About the farthest I go on a regular basis is an hour, majority are 10-20 mins for me.

Closest… 1/2 mile, Farthest… 126 miles (one way).

Closest: Next door left, next door right, across the street
Anyone who has not done MAINTENANCE inspections for their neighbors and in their neighborhood doesn’t understand marketing, IMHO.

Farthest: San Jose, 470 miles

Neatest: San Clemente Island

Closest- Three homes down from me on my street. Gentleman was driving by to look at the home down the road and saw my vehicle in my driveway with my logo etc.
**Furthest - **Probably 40 miles away. My area is densely populated and I tend to stick close to home. :wink:

Closest–The building my office is in. Farthest 285 miles one way but I got a buck a mile round trip, free hotel and per diem. Sweet.

Closest was two doors down my own street, furtherest was two States over for a friend that I did for free years ago. I had to get permission from the county. They had no problem with it as it was free and there was no license in the State in those days. I used the opportunity for a mini vacation.

Closest, Next Door. Farthest 160 miles.

Hi to all,

I was going to claim a record here at 1500 miles+/- I inspected a few Floridian properties for New England based investors 6-7 years ago, however I remembered Dale Duffy has done one in Japan :shock: or somehwere more erotic/exotic, my closest was same street about 5 doors down.



Tomorrow I am doing an inspection that I have to travel through a foreign country to get to. Pt. Roberts, Washington is accessible only by going into Canada and then back into the U.S. It is part of the BC mainland but below the 49th parallel.

Closest - Across my back yard.
Furtherest - 1200 miles (family)

Closet - two houses down on my street.

Furthest - Egypt. I was inspecting the cracks on the interior portion of the pyramids (at no charge). My wife told me to leave my work at home.

Here’s one major structural crack (inside a pyramid) being monitored by Mohamed…